Monday, January 30, 2012

giant steps

Process work for the hopscotch / touch screen thesis painting:

1. after getting a concept approved, I work out the finer details like my horrible horrible sense of perspective by taping the sketch to a wall to get farther vanishing points.

2. worked out the placement of background elements, shadows

3. a mock up of the approximate colours for Jody to look at and discuss in class

4. to final! looks different after I took into account some of Jody's advice (like moving the tablet to the left of the page, how the smoke from the annihilated swing set moves lower and farther to the right). so here's where I had some MORE problems with perspective, also wish I was able to get all the background elements lower than the raised knee without making the kid look like a giant... le sigh.

5. all the little details done, texutres, etc.

So crit tomorrow! We'll see how this badboy fares.

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