Tuesday, January 31, 2012

burnt toest

Process for red rover/ firewall piece:

1. my approved concept sketch

2. since I really liked certain parts of the rough, I just traced those parts on new paper as I worked out a more finalized sketch.

3. finished figuring out the details like lighting and how to manage the space under the entwined arms.

4. after scanning that in, I made a colour rough in photoshop. turns out having this step done helped me later when I wanted to experiment with different sky colours, who would've thought!

5. Jody made the awesome suggestion of making the sky golden. I think it looks wayyyy better! To get that fire to really glow I kept it as white as possible till the very end when I dashed some yellow/orange on it.

6. See?

7. the very final! did some sanding touches to the sky and foreground, and brought in some slight "highlights" in the shadowy area on their backs.

Monday, January 30, 2012

giant steps

Process work for the hopscotch / touch screen thesis painting:

1. after getting a concept approved, I work out the finer details like my horrible horrible sense of perspective by taping the sketch to a wall to get farther vanishing points.

2. worked out the placement of background elements, shadows

3. a mock up of the approximate colours for Jody to look at and discuss in class

4. to final! looks different after I took into account some of Jody's advice (like moving the tablet to the left of the page, how the smoke from the annihilated swing set moves lower and farther to the right). so here's where I had some MORE problems with perspective, also wish I was able to get all the background elements lower than the raised knee without making the kid look like a giant... le sigh.

5. all the little details done, texutres, etc.

So crit tomorrow! We'll see how this badboy fares.

Monday, January 23, 2012

creep a ture

ocad is upping their game... CHARACTER DESIGN is an incredible course! Everyone should take it! ALL OF YOUUUUU! These are concept sketches for a character described in a movie script we received in class. Horrifying and OH SO FUN

Thursday, January 12, 2012


BUSINESS CARD first attempt! Guess I got on a little design kick after the poster, plus thought it was a good idea.


OUR FIRST GROUP SHOW!! Very excited. This is Liz's blurb on the event:

Come explore the beautiful St. George Hall where the Arts and Letters Club resides, we will be exhibiting a collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, trinkets, and wonders for one night only!

We are creating the atmosphere of a collector, of all things explored and examined, cast aside and crinkled. Using Victorian and old fashioned themed pieces to string together a piece of history captured in time, and a fun place to explore!

Just want to give Liz Emirzian a huuuge thanks for putting this whole thing together, TANKS BUDDAY!!! Know you worked very hard to make this whole thing happen, and we all appreciate it!

COME OUT ALL!!! THURSDAY, FEB 2nd, hope to see you there! <3