Tuesday, January 31, 2012

burnt toest

Process for red rover/ firewall piece:

1. my approved concept sketch

2. since I really liked certain parts of the rough, I just traced those parts on new paper as I worked out a more finalized sketch.

3. finished figuring out the details like lighting and how to manage the space under the entwined arms.

4. after scanning that in, I made a colour rough in photoshop. turns out having this step done helped me later when I wanted to experiment with different sky colours, who would've thought!

5. Jody made the awesome suggestion of making the sky golden. I think it looks wayyyy better! To get that fire to really glow I kept it as white as possible till the very end when I dashed some yellow/orange on it.

6. See?

7. the very final! did some sanding touches to the sky and foreground, and brought in some slight "highlights" in the shadowy area on their backs.


  1. love it! the glow on the bodies is purfect

  2. Theresa! Thanks for showing us the 'evolution' of this piece...it's amazing! And I LOVE the finished picture! You sure capture a lot of emotions in this piece - it's quite exciting!

  3. Thank you! (who wrote that?) I thought it was a good idea to utilize this blog for process work as well as finals :)