Monday, February 28, 2011


Back on Manitoulin for reading week, I was able to attend a coyote information seminar put on for farmers and hunters in the area... my sister MaryEllen works for Manitoulin Streams as well as with the Ontario Federation for Anglers and Hunters, focusing on ecosystem rehabilitation programs for the island. She was on a committee that helped organize this event, so we went together on Saturday morning to Mindemoya where it was held.

There's a huge population of coyotes there, and farmers have had problems with these animals attacking their livestock, but also since the population is so large hunters have been able to hunt coyotes and sell their fur across the world. This seminar was so awesome, they taught us about calls and how intonations change the message you're communicating... yeah, I learned how to talk to coyotes.

The BEST part, though, was the skinning. The point was to teach you how to effectively skin the animal to get the best price for the fur. Me and mares got right up there, front and center and I was able to draw a lot of what happened... though everyone thought I was a bit nuts since they were all there to learn about hunting them. It was super fun. Thanks for the opportunity B!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Intended to not have a focal point. The shoe leads your eye in, but it's then drawn around the composition...

Taking something mundane and making it interesting... this is the grate to the ventilation system (at least I think that's what it was??) inside the drawing classroom.

I love drawing and painting classes with Gillian. It's so stress-free and fun.